Terry Horton - Founder

Born in Marshall, Arkansas. Currently SouthLake, Texas


D.R. Horton Homes  |  Escondido  |  Horton Capital Partners Horton Endeaver Homes  |  Horton Farms






David P. Oberle - Founder

Born in Helena, Arkansas.  Currently Tulsa, Oklahoma


Progeny Golf  |  EFDC   | Perfect Vodka  |  Airtab |







Dan C. Smith, PE

Born in Dallas, Texas. Currently Raliegh, North Carolina


Dan C. Smith Engineering  |  






Discussions with Emir Sinusi in Ft. Worth on how to bring 1,000,000
homes to the people of Nigeria, (from left - Dr. Jide Kolade, David Oberle,
 Dr. Lamido Sanusi (The Emir of Kano, Nigeria),  Dr. Ekine Akuiyibo & Terry Horton)




Meeting in Miami before venturing to Haiti to tour a possible composite material  method of building social housing. (From left around the table Roger Walker, Steve Wall, Terry Horton, David Oberle, Nelson Moran, Amoriso Moran, & Dan Nuefeld)



Outside the Congo sample. Constructed in 90 minutes for Hope Restored International (from left - Honorable Gebreselassie Tesfamichael, Terry Horton,
Carol Pineau (Envision Strategy ) Randy & Karen Knight (Founders of Hope Restored International) & David Oberle




Discussions over dinner with friends from Anzio, Italy on the developement of multiuse developmetn centering around the towns seaport and Marina. Complete with mega-yacht dockingand service, shopping area, condominiums, hotel and resort using composite materials.




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Images are used as reference only. Images & plans are taken from various other web sites.  If HCS builds using the plans depicted the architect shall be compensated